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At Advanced Digital Marketing, we have created a different way of running ads. Optimization based on Return on AdSpend and Website Conversions.

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Continuously Learning and Improving our Methods


Our methods are not your typical way of running ads. We test everything to the extreme and only keep what works best.

Conversion Rates

We will bring our experience on what worked best for our clients websites to help you get more online conversions.


We can use our methodology for Google Ads as well to test against it. Ask us about it and we'll analyse each case.


Bing Ads might be an option for specific demographics. Also they allow for unique targeting paramateres at low costs.


If you have beautiful designs, Pinterest might be a good option. Their ad platform isn't extensive but it can be useful.


If promoting viral content, Reddit is a good choice. They have less tracking, but very cheap metrics and reach.

What are our specialties?

We've worked with different industries and products. Here are some of them.

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Our Process

That's How We Do It

1. Planning

2. Strategies

3. Execution

4. Data Analysis

5. Results


The digital marketing world is constantly changing. We are always learning and improving our skills to get ahead of the game.

We're pretty good all around, but here's a breakdown of what we have gotten the best at.

The more we run ads on different platforms, the better we get. We also like to join webinars with the best of their fields and share the knowledge.

You can click here to watch our founder Gaba giving marketing tips on how to best utilize different ad sizes.

Facebook Ads 100/100
Conversion Optimization 90/90
Reddit Ads 85/100
Google Ads 75/100
Bing Ads 70/100
Pinterest Ads 65/100

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